Global Action Network on Nutrition Labelling will work on the application of food labeling in new countries
27 febrero 2019


Labeling. The inaugural session of the Global Action Network for Nutrition Labelling concluded in Paris on February 7. This will be a space for cooperation and technical exchange to promote the application and implementation of labelling at the global level in order to achieve the objectives set out in the Decade of Action on Nutrition 2016-2025 of the World Health Organization (WHO). At that meeting, the Network agreed to work on an action plan to advance on these objectives throughout the year. This will be presented at the next general meeting of the Network in Australia in early 2020. Among the labeling systems looked at at the meeting, participants highlighted the black octagon model promoted by Chile as an informative tool designed to discourage the consumption of foods with unhealthy ingredients.

The Global Action Network for Nutrition Labelling is an international coalition in which Chile’s participation stands out. The Network will work on the implementation of WHO objectives in the fight against non-communicable diseases associated with poor nutrition. It will function as a coordination space allowing for the exchange of practices, experiences, knowledge and strategies to accelerate the implementation of labelling. The Network will also strengthen alliances with the private sector, academia and civil society to give greater impulse and legitimacy to these measures.

During the meeting, at which the current labeling situation of member countries was discussed, the Chilean presentation of its octagonal warning label, in force since 2016, especially caught the eye. The Network highlighted its simplicity, clarity and impact on consumption patterns of the Chilean population, and proposed that the Latin American country lead the Network along with France and Australia. The Chilean representatives have not yet given a formal response to the request.

Next steps

The Global Action Network on Nutrition Labelling will develop a global plan with concrete timelines and targets to drive the implementation of labelling. All member countries will participate in the process in order to incorporate as many strategies as possible. The Network hopes to present the plan at the next general meeting to be held in early 2020 in Australia.