DNTC disseminates forms on transfer pricing and financial transaction tax declarations
1 febrero 2019

On January 25, the Directorate of National Taxes and Customs (DNTC), through Resolution 4, disseminated the forms to comply with tax obligations for the year 2019. Among them are the informative declaration of transfer prices and the weekly declaration of the tax on financial movements. Taxpayers must submit them to the DNTC by electronic means. This rule came into force on January 25.


Form 120, which contains the transfer pricing information declaration, must be submitted by income tax and complementary taxpayers, as well as by those who carry out purchase and sale operations abroad, in free zones or with entities of non-cooperating jurisdictions of low or null taxation.


On the other hand, Form 410, concerning the weekly declaration of the tax on financial movements, is the indirect tax on financial transactions through which resources are deposited in current or savings accounts, as well as in deposit accounts in the Bank of the Republic and the transfer of managerial checks.


Both documents must be submitted through electronic computer services, using the Electronic Signature Instrument authorized by DNTC. If the person chooses to send the declaration by alternative means, the form will not be considered to have been submitted.


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