New Congress takes office on February 1
1 febrero 2019

On Friday, February 1, the 513 deputies and 54 senators who were elected in the October ballot will take office. After the MPs swearing in, a ceremony will be held in which the new presidents of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies are elected. The National Congress will meet on Monday, February 4, to officially inaugurate the 56th legislature.


The swearing in of the new MPs is scheduled for 10am. Once the ceremony is over, there the election of the presidents of both chambers and their Executive Boards will take place, which include vice-presidents and secretaries. Presidencies are elected by legislative vote, and in terms of governance they are important because they have the power, for example, to define voting rules and accept or reject impeachment requests against the Executive.


Of the 54 senators who will take office, only 8 were re-elected, representing a historic renewal of almost 85%. Also, the renewal of the Chamber of Deputies (47.37%) is the largest since the election of the Constituent Assembly in 1986.  Although the Partido Social Liberal (ruling party) is the second party with more seats in the Chamber of Deputies, it is very far from the majority and quorum. As such, the parliamentary agreements promoted by the government with other groups will be key in terms of governability.


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