Peru to prioritize the purchase of medicines and strengthen the system of medical records and telehealth
30 enero 2019

On January 26, at meeting with representatives of medical colleges in Peru, Health Minister Zulema Tomás presented the government’s Strategic Health Plan 2019-2021, containing the  the priorities around which she will focus her mandate. These include improving the flow of programming, supply, acquisition and storage processes of medicines to guarantee their availability in the Peruvian market. Under the plan, Peru will seek to ensure that the General Secretariat for Medicines, Supplies and Drugs achieves the WHO’s highest “Regional Reference for Medicines” rating.

Tomás stated that the Ministry of Health (Minsa) will provide technical assistance to hospitals and health centers to improve the storage of medicines. In Peru, Jesús Susana Vásquez Lezcano, a pharmaceutical chemist, was recently appointed to head Digemid, a Minsa entity that seeks to guarantee access to medicines. Lezcano assumed the commitment to work to achieve Digemid’s qualification as the National Regulatory Authority of Regional Reference for Medicines, at the highest level established by PAHO/WHO.

As for Tomás, she indicated that the Ministry will strengthen the implementation of universal health insurance, and that she will work on the regulation of Law No. 30,885 that establishes the formation and operation of Integrated Health Networks (IHR) at the national level. The Minister announced that the Executive will put special emphasis on the implementation of the integrated system of electronic medical records throughout the country and on strengthening the system of telehealth.