The Executive Branch nears completion of the drafting of the Personal Data Bill
11 enero 2019

On January 9, Lorena Naranjo Godoy, national director of the Public Data Registry (Dinardap), announced that the round-table discussions for the participative formulation of the draft Personal Data Protection Law will conclude January 16. It is expected that, once complete, Dinardap will present the bill to the Ministry of Telecommunications (Mintel), for it to be sent from the Presidency to the National Assembly.


Godoy highlighted that Dinardap has been working on the text since November 2017, through several round-table discussions that have been held in different cities of the country. These discussions, with the participation of representatives from academia, civil society, specialists and engineers, have sought to develop a regulation agreed and coordinated with the main stakeholders. In addition, she indicated that the lack of regulation in this area affects the economy because it “impedes international trade and the cross-border exchange of data”.


The last round-table will be held in Quito January 16. The drafting of the bill is expected to be continued in Mintel, which, before presenting it to the Assembly, will submit it for consideration by the Sectoral Council.

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