After agreement between opposition legislators and the Executive Branch, the tax modernization bill could be passed in March
11 enero 2019

Between January 5 and 7, the Finance Committee of the Chamber of Deputies resumed hearings regarding the bill to modernize tax legislation (Exp. 12043) submitted by the Executive Branch. Among the speakers at the hearings were the director of the Internal Revenue Service (SII), the president of the National Association of Tax Court Magistrates, and experts and representatives of the business sector. Opposition Congressman José Miguel Ortiz Novoa (Christian Democrat-PDC) reaffirmed the political will to reach an agreement by early March. Hearings will end in January.  


Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick and opposition legislators agreed this Wednesday on a schedule to bring positions closer within 45 days. They will also form a technical commission composed of legislators and officials from the Ministry of Finance. Pablo Lorenzini (PDC), president of the Chamber of Deputies’ Finance Committee, explained that the committee will work during the February legislative break and that the bill will be voted on in March provided progress has been made.


José Ortiz Novoa stated on the same day that Finance Minister Felipe Larraín had expressed willingness to review the bill. At the end of December, the Party for Democracy (PPD) and the PDC had managed to unify positions through negotiations with the Executive Branch. Among the issues under discussion are the personal income tax rates, digital taxes, the green tax and anti tax evasion rules. The PPD also proposed the incorporation of a tax on foods high in sugar.


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