Executive announces National Competitiveness Policy
4 enero 2019

On December 31, the Executive branch, through Supreme Decree 345-2018-EF, announced the National Competitiveness and Productivity Policy (PNCP). The policy contains a series of guidelines designed by the government to promote the country’s economic growth in the medium term. The PNCP will be reviewed by the National Competitiveness and Formalization Council (CNCF), which will have 180 days to issue regulatory recommendations for its implementation.


The PNCP consists of nine priority objectives, each of which comes with policy guidelines and implementation indicators. Among the priority objectives of the Competitiveness Policy is the consolidation of a quality economic and social infrastructure aimed at “efficient planning and prioritization of infrastructure”. On this point, the text emphasizes that a lack of coordination among actors involved in infrastructure development has made it difficult to take full advantage of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP).


Another of the proposed guidelines concerns strengthening the planning of the PPP project portfolio and training officials of the public entities making up the National System for the Promotion of Private Investment. However, in order for the guidelines to be developed, the CNCF will study the Peruvian normative framework with the purpose of elaborating concrete regulatory proposals within six months.

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