Senate’s Public Safety Committee backs bill updating cybercrime legislation
4 enero 2019

On January 3, the Senate’s Public Safety Committee ruled in favor of a bill introduced by the Executive Branch establishing new cybercrimes. It also repeals Law 19.223 on computer-related criminal offences and amends other regulations to bring them into line with the Budapest Convention (Exp. 12.192-25). The bill will be discussed in general terms by the members of the Senate.


If enacted, the law will modify the handling of computer sabotage and espionage, establishing penalties in line with the Budapest Convention, such as around illicit access to all or part of a computer system, and attacks on the integrity of a system and computer data. It will also incorporate crimes of interception or improper interference of non-public transmissions between computer systems, and unlawful collection of computer data; computer forgery; computer fraud; and production, marketing or use of devices to commit computer crimes.


Among those invited to speak and feed into the Committee meeting were: Ricardo Matte, CEO of the Association of Banks and Financial Institutions; Pablo Viollier, specialist in public policies and digital rights in Latin America; Verónica Rosenblut, of the Catholic University of Chile; and Gonzalo Medina, University of Chile.

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