Jair Bolsonaro assumed as president until 2022
4 enero 2019

On January 1, Jair Bolsonaro formally took office as president of Brazil until December 2022. Amid his inauguration in Brasilia, he stressed that his government will seek structural reforms favoring the “financial health and sustainability of public accounts”. At the same time, he called on members of congress to support the government’s proposals to be presented in the Legislature. The deputies and senators will assume their posts next February 1, when said legislature commences its work.


In his inauguration speech before the National Congress, Bolsonaro promised to “free the country” from corruption and “ideological submission”. For this, he will defend the legitimacy and credibility of Congress, “without the traditional political bias that made the state inefficient and corrupt.” In the economic sphere, he announced that he would work for the national interest and the free market, ensuring that “the government will not spend more than is collected” and that “rules, contracts and properties will be respected.”


In this regard, Bolsonaro stressed that his government will open the Brazilian market to international trade, “stimulating competition, productivity and efficiency without ideological bias”. To this end, he announced that a couple of economic reforms will be carried out, although he did not specify which. However, he said that Brazil’s challenges would be resolved through a “National Pact” between society and the three branches of government.


In recent days, Onyx Lorenzoni, Bolsonaro’s Cabinet Chief, announced that during the first ten days of government, ministers will determine the priority policies of each area. However, to deliver on his agenda, Bolsonaro will have to negotiate with a highly fragmented Congress, since the ruling party is some way off reaching quorum and forming a majority in a Congress splintered by 30 political parties.

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