Electronic signature: Chamber of Deputies passes bill with amendments and sends it back to Senate
20 diciembre 2018

The Chamber of Deputies passed December 18 the bill that promotes the use of electronic documents and electronic signatures. The text proposed by the Finance Committee with a new modification in the field of public deeds was passed. The bill returns to the Senate, which must evaluate the amendments introduced. If it accepts them, the bill will be law. This could happen this week, since the Executive has entered an immediate discussion urgency to the bill, which obliges the Senate to pass it in the next seven days.

The bill seeks to massify the use of the advanced electronic signature, used in the country since 2002. To this end, it empowers the Ministry of the General Secretariat of the Presidency to draw up regulations specifying the cases in which electronic signatures should be used in public administration. It also establishes new requirements for private operators of these instruments, applying higher sanctions for non-compliance with the handling of users’ personal data.

The bill will return to the Senate. It will have to evaluate the changes introduced. If it accepts them, the bill will be law. Otherwise, a Mixed Committee will be formed to settle the differences between the chambers. It should be noted that the Executive has shown special interest in the bill, introducing an immediate discussion urgency, which forces the Senate to debate it in seven days. Considering that next week will be recess, the Senate will have to deal with the bill this week to meet that deadline.

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