Deputies could pass electronic signature bill next week
14 diciembre 2018

On December 11, the Deputies floor included among the bills to be debated in its ordinary session one on promoting the use of electronic documents and electronic signatures (Exp. 8466). The bill, already approved by the Finance Committee, introduces new requirements for accrediting entities and toughens fines for their improper use. Despite featuring among the issues to be discussed, the Deputies did not address it. It is likely that this will happen next week due to the high interest the Executive has shown in it.

The bill reached the Deputies floor with a series of amendments made by the Finance and Economy Committees. Among these were: new requirements of confidentiality in the data handled by Electronic Signature Accreditation Entities, as well as harsher fines that may go up to 15 thousand dollars for failure to comply with these duties.

The bill should now be debated by the Deputies floor, expected next week. It should be noted that the Executive branch has prioritized the bill for immediate discussion, meaning that Deputies will have to debate it within seven days. It is thought that the bill will pass with modifications. The Senate must then consider its wording with any changes introduced in the Deputies before turning it into law.