Brazil to regulate supply of oncological medicines
5 diciembre 2018

On December 4, the bill (File 8225/2017) that regulates the supply of essential medicines for the treatment of oncological patients by pharmaceutical industries entered the agenda of the Social Security Committee of the Chamber of Deputies. Given that the bill was presented by President-elect Bolsonaro’s future Health Minister, Luiz Henrique Mandetta (Demócratas – allied to the ruling party), it is thought it could have continuity in the next government.

The text states that “for lack of commercial interest”, pharmaceutical laboratories may withdraw old and cheap medicines from the market, often essential and without substitutes. In respect of this, the bill consists of five articles that seek to guarantee the continual supply of oncological medicines lest there be no substitute medicines for this type of treatment.

More specifically, the bill stipulates, among other things, that the government, by means of competent organs, will be able to force the industry that produces the oncological medicine, and that has no substitute for it on the market, to guarantee the continuity of its distribution. In addition, the production costs of this type of medicine must be taken into account by the federal government when determining the price of the product.

The bill, which is gaining profile in Congress, could be passed by the Social Security Committee of the Chamber of Deputies before the parliamentary recess begins on December 22.