President Introduces National Program and announces cancer bill
5 diciembre 2018

On December 4, President Sebastian Piñera presented the National Cancer Program 2018-2028. It aims to reduce mortality from the disease through strategies that promote promotion, prevention, early diagnosis, treatment and palliative care of all patients with the disease. To this end, it will strengthen the National Oncology Network through the construction of new care centers and greater investment in equipment, especially medicines. At the same event, Piñera signed a Cancer bill, which will create a series of institutions that will be in charge of implementing, together with the Ministry of Health, the National Program. The bill will formally enter Congress next week.

Together with the Minister of Health Emilio Santelices, the President gave a press conference to present the guidelines of the Program. He explained that it “creates a long-term plan that transcends the governments in office” which will allow a more efficient fight against the disease. He also added that the program will strengthen registration systems, information and epidemiological surveillance. It will also promote investment in new hospitals and the acquisition of medicines to ensure quality treatment for all national patients.

The Program will be implemented by the Ministry of Health in conjunction with three new institutions that will be created when the Cancer bill, which the Executive will introduce next week to Congress, becomes law. These institutions will be the National Cancer Registry (which will create a database of patients to develop public policies anchored in more reliable data), the National Cancer Commission (a body specialized in cancer research that will advise the Ministry of Health) and the National Cancer Fund (which will finance cancer treatment for the entire Chilean population).