Ministers of Health will promote telemedicine and counteract counterfeit medicines
10 octubre 2018

On October 4th, G20 Health Ministers met in the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina to hold discussions on strengthening health systems among other issues. The meeting culminated in the elaboration of a final declaration with concrete health policy proposals to move towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC). The recommendations are expected to be taken into account at the Leaders Summit November 30th.

The document, agreed by delegates from member countries, highlights the need for Ministers of Health and Ministers of Finance to maintain continuous dialogues in order to mobilize resources to ensure sound financing for the health sector and investment to ensure “continuous training of health personnel”. In addition, the declaration urges governments to develop and implement digital health systems that address national and/or sub-national health priorities, for example through the use of telemedicine. In this line, it seeks to promote cross-border collaboration in the area of e-Health, through the dissemination of best practices and policies in this area.

The document also calls on governments to counteract the manufacture, distribution and use of counterfeit medicines through WHO and multisectoral cooperation with stakeholders. Although this issue will be further explored next year at the UN High Level Meeting on Universal Health, these recommendations are expected to be taken into account November 30th at the G20 Leaders Summit.