Advisor to the President Announces Creation of National Cybersecurity System
5 octubre 2018

On Monday, October 1st, Jorge Atton, advisor on cybersecurity, presented the strategy to be applied by the Executive Branch between 2018 and 2019. The presentation was given at the Senate´s Challenges for the Future Committee. He announced the creation of the National Cybersecurity System, in which he will be the Coordinator for the next six months, and assured that in the next 15 days the Executive branch will introduce a bill to update computer crimes to the Budapest Convention. He also reported that they are working on three other bills, including the framework bill on cybersecurity and the critical infrastructure bill to be presented in 2019.


Atton explained that the objective is “to recover the confidence of Chilean users and overcome the image of vulnerability that Chile has left after the cyber attacks suffered in recent times”. To this end, they will create the National Cybersecurity System with the Ministries of Economy, Defense and Interior as members, which will work together in the development and control of cybersecurity standards. This provisional System will have a General Coordinator, who will be Atton himself. The definitive system will be created by the future cybersecurity framework bill.

Atton listed the draft bills on which the Executive Branch is working. The first, which will be introduced to the Congress in the next fifteen days, will seek to update the law on computer crimes to the provisions of the Budapest Convention.  The second will be a bill on cybersecurity for the financial system. This, which will be introduced in the next 60 days, will seek to establish operational security standards for the sector.


The government is also working on two bills that will be introduced in 2019. The first will be the Cybersecurity Framework Law, which will create the definitive institution that will manage operational risk in the country. In addition, work will be deepened in cooperation with the private sector to delimit critical Chilean systems, with a view to drafting the Critical Infrastructure Bill.


Finally, Atton announced that the education tasks of the population will be deepened, with the aim of creating a culture of risk and the correct use of digital channels. Likewise, he informed that the cooperative work will be deepened with multilateral organizations specialized in the matter, and with the private sector, with a view of giving to the fight against cyberattacks a wide and integrated approach.

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