Central American Health Ministers promote joint drug purchase mechanism
26 septiembre 2018

The Executive Secretariat of the Council of Health Ministers of Central America (COMISCA) has launched a series of calls for the countries of the region to coordinate joint drug purchases among themselves. The first joint purchase, which closes on Sept. 26th, is not aimed at oncological drugs. However, it is expected that if the system gives visible economic results for member countries, new purchases will be generated this way.

The open process is an initiative of the regional health sector supported by the Central American Integration System (SICA) to make drugs accessible to the population. This process will take place virtually, through the SINERP-GIA platform, and that the ultimate goal is to ensure the availability of quality, safe and effective drugs at favorable prices for the region.

The pharmaceutical companies that wish to participate must have in advance the pre-qualified status (Art. 37 and 39 of the Regulation for Joint Negotiation COMISCA). The five stages of the process, the characteristics that the offers must have, the payment method, the delivery term, the contractual compliance and the annex with the eight medicines that the States intend to acquire are specified in the bases and conditions available here.

Once the offers have been presented, COMISCA will hold price negotiation sessions between 8th and 12th October. Six working days later, the Executive Secretary of COMISCA will be able to subscribe the recommendation act in which the totality of drugs, award price and awarded companies will be detailed, concluding the process.