Finance Committee began debate on tax modernization bill
13 septiembre 2018

On Wednesday, September 12th, the Chamber of Deputies´ Finance Committee began the debate of the bill that modernizes tax legislation. The Minister of Finance, Felipe Larraín, attended to present the content of the bill becker the legislators. He stressed that the bill simplifies, unifies and modernizes the tax system, which will improve national collection. The minister will talk again before the committee at it’s next meeting on September 25th, since he did not finish his presentation. He is expected to deepen on the content of the bill on digital services taxes and he will receive questions from the deputies.


In his presentation, Larraín explained the reach of the bill. He stressed that the Executive aims to simplify an old tax system, promoting the incorporation of new technological means that facilitate citizen and business taxation. Evidence of this is the electronic invoice. He also stressed that the bill positively affects a wide range of sectors, especially the small and medium ones.


Larraín was unable to complete the presentation of the bill. For example, he could not present new details about the tax on digital services. In view of this, the Committee decided to invite him to the next meeting, which will take place after the week of recess, on September 25th. There the deputies will ask questions about some problematic issues of the bill, such as tax integration.

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