Political parties define their stances towards Government in Congress
7 septiembre 2018

Within the framework of the Statute of the Opposition, the political parties that have seats in Congress defined their position towards Government: ally to the government, independent or opposition. The Statute of the Opposition establishes the rules of debate in the legislative sessions according to the position of each party, in order to regulate the discussion and favor parliamentary dialogue. The establishment of party positions can be modified only once during the current presidential term, which in the current case will last until 2022.


The ruling Centro Democrático party will be accompanied by Partido Conservador and the former ruling Partido Social de la Unidad Nacional. Movimiento Independiente de Renovación Absoluta, Colombia Justa Libres and Opción Ciudadana will also be part of the ruling coalition. In total, the ruling party and its allies will have 82 representatives and 53 senators, out of a total of 171 and 108 respectively.


Partido Liberal and Cambio Radical will be independent parties. Together, they will have 65 representatives and 30 senators. The opposition includes Alianza Verde, Polo Democrático Alternativo, Lista de la Decencia, F.A.R.C., Coalición Alternativa Santanderana, MAIS, the Indigenous Authorities of Colombia and the Black Community Councils of Playa Renaciente and La Mamuncia. In total, the opposition has a total of 25 seats in the Senate and 24 seats in the House of Representatives.


This means that the ruling party and its allies will need 2 senators to achieve a Senate majority, where the quorum is 55, and 4 representatives to achieve a majority in the House of Representatives, where the quorum is 86. This legislative scenario for Iván Duque’s administration, are not easy since he won’t be able to establish his own government agenda; instead, he will need to cooperate and negotiate with other parliamentary forces in order to ensure his government plan is implemented.

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