Executive branch amends Criminal Code to punish corporate corruption
7 septiembre 2018

On September 4th, the Executive branch, through Legislative Decree No. 1385, amended the Criminal Code to impose criminal penalties for acts of corruption in commercial relations between private individuals and within companies. The measure was adopted due to the faculties granted to the Executive by Congress.


The regulation applies, among others, to shareholders, managers, directors, administrators, legal representatives, attorneys-in-fact, employees or advisors of a private legal entity. From now on, any corrupt action committed within the private sphere will be punished with up to 4 years of deprivation of liberty, disqualification and days of fine.


On the other hand, Martín Vizcarras’ administration, through Legislative Decree No. 1388, amended the Law to combat evasion and to formalize the economy in order to encourage the use of credit and debit cards in foreign trade operations exceeding US$2,000 (or 7,000 soles). The objective is to combat money laundering and undervaluation of goods.

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