Y20: G20 Affinity Group promotes employee retraining and calls for large companies to sponsor startups and SMEs
29 agosto 2018


Youth Employment. On August 18th, the Youth 20 (Y20) summit concluded. The Y20 is an affinity group that brings together leaders from the G20 countries on youth labor inclusion, among other issues. Following that meeting, the group issued a series of public policy recommendations that will be considered at the G20 Leaders’ Summit on November 30th. The group urged the G20 to establish a progressive scheme for the spending of companies on retraining programmes for all their employees and to create incentive mechanisms for large companies to invest in startups and SMEs in the countries where they operate.

They also announced the creation of the Social Innovation Warehouse (SIW), an international bank of scalable and replicable projects designed by young people as input for governments and organizations seeking to innovate their public policies for young people, including measures to improve training and reduce the digital gap.

In turn, the 46 delegates who participated in the summit in the city of Cordoba (Argentina) called on G20 leaders to advance in the design of standards in labor institutions to generate greater unemployment benefits, collective bargaining and to ensure that employers provide physical and mental health care to support the well-being of their employees. They also urged the G20 to set up channels of dialogue with non-alliance countries so that they can pass on their agreements to them and that these governments can take ownership of them.

Next steps

The Y20 will present this document at the G20 Leaders Summit to be held on November 30th and December 1st in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Within this framework, the presidents of the countries members are expected to address its recommendations and study the design of the best public policies to develop them.