Venezuela joins the regional trend of drug price control
29 agosto 2018

As in the case of Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica and Mexico, Nicolás Maduro’s administration adheres to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) request to regulate drug prices. This was proposed by the Venezuelan president August 23rd, during the First Revolutionary National Health Congress, held with the aim of developing a national policy on drugs and supplies. The government is expected to hold meetings with companies linked to the pharmaceutical sector to agree on drug prices in the coming weeks.

During the congress, which was attended by several representatives of the Executive, such as the Minister of Health, Carlos Alvarado, President Maduro said it is necessary to set maximum retail prices for all drugs in the country “to prevent abuses” and guarantee the population access to them.  

In addition, in order to consolidate the national public health system, the participants discussed a possible health bill, which would be drafted and introduced to the National Constituent Assembly in the coming weeks. Alvarado said that health experts will contribute to the elaboration of this initiative.