Negotiations underway to form Duque’s government legislative coalition
13 julio 2018

Today a meeting between members of the future ruling coalition party took place. The following parties were present: Partido Conservador, Partido Liberal, Cambio Radical, Partido Social de la Unidad Nacional, Movimiento Independiente de Renovación Absoluta, and Colombia Justas Libres.. The new congressmen will take office when the legislative recess ends on 20th July.

The sum of the seats of these parties would add up to 82 senators and 147 representatives (out of a total of 102 and 171 respectively). President Duque would thus have a broad legislative majority to implement his own agenda of government through Congress.

Although the legislative coalition members affirmed that the meeting was positive, they still have to consult what was discussed with their own political parties in order to ratify it. It is expected that the political agreements will be finished either this week or the following one. What parties will be part of the ruling coalition, independent, and opposition will thus be defined.

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