Cybersecurity: Executive presented the 2018-2022 Strategy and evaluates changes in banking modernization to demand greater investments
6 julio 2018

On Saturday, June 30th, Carlos Landeros, an Interior Ministry official presented the Government Strategy on Cybersecurity 2018-2022 at an event in Santiago’s Chamber of Commerce. In the same event, the new Chilean Cybersecurity Alliance was created. Both seek to improve Chilean cyber security. Likewise, on July 4th, Landeros announced that the government evaluates sending modifications to the banking modernization bill (Exp. 11269), currently under study in Congress. These suggestions would be sent in the coming weeks with the objective of increasing the investment requirements in cybersecurity.


During the event, Landeros presented the 2018-2022 Government Strategy on Cybersecurity. Its objectives will be to achieve a secure cyberspace through actions that identify and manage risks. In that sense, they will work in five areas: infrastructure, legislation, dissemination, international collaboration and industry.


In addition, the Chilean Cybersecurity Alliance was presented, an entity that will seek to promote the development and strengthening of cybersecurity in the country through the cooperation of the public and private sectors. The institution will focus on promoting responsible education and use of technologies. It will also articulate communication channels with state agencies to cooperate in the definition of regulatory initiatives.


Furthermore, on July 4th, Minister Landeros announced that the government is studying possible changes in the bill that modernizes banking legislation, with a view to demanding higher levels of investment from the banking sector in terms of cybersecurity. The idea would be to include an article that requires a specific percentage of investment in cybersecurity. This will happen in the coming weeks.


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