Government will promote the Council for Transparency as responsible for protecting Chilean personal data
6 julio 2018

On Tuesday, July 3rd the Executive branch suggested an amendment to the bill that creates a personal data protection agency. The suggestion proposes that the protection of personal data will be in charge of the Council for Transparency (CPLT) and not by a new agency. Congress is most likely to pass this amendment.


The CPLT exists since 2009, when it was created to deepen transparency and access to public information. If the bill is passed, the entity will be called Council for Transparency and Protection of Personal Data.  The bill is currently being debated by the Senate´s Legislation Committee, its first chamber.


The president of the CPLT, Marcelo Drago, considers that this proposal strengthens the modernization of the Chilean regulatory framework and makes possible the fulfillment of  higher standards of security.


“With this proposal we take a very important step in opening clear and concrete possibilities to the modernization of an outdated agency, which did not contemplate the control and safeguard of the use of personal data by third parties, including companies and the State when managing databases” he said.

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