HON. The Government seeks to improve the distribution of oncological medicines
30 junio 2018

On 30th June, Honduran Minister of Health, Octavio Sánchez, set up an inter-sectorial dialogue with health sector actors to solve the lack of oncological medicines in public institutions for patients suffering from cancer. The meetings will remain open, in order to establish proposals and agreements between the government and different health actors in the coming weeks, without fixing an official meeting schedule. In addition, the government published the renewal of the Medicines Purchase Trust with Banco de Occidente (Western Bank). This public mechanism for the acquisition of drugs will continue until 26th January 2022 and seeks to improve the distribution of oncological medicines in the country.

During the meeting, a dialogue was proposed with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) to support the Ministry of Health with an expert in drug planning programming. Sánchez will thus seek to establish medical care protocols for cancer patients.

On 25th June, the Transparency Unit of the Ministry of Health made the renewal of the fiduciary agreement between the state health portfolio and Banco de Occidente (Western Bank) public. The trust was renewed until 26th January 2022. Cristina Rodriguez, Director of the University School Hospital (HEU), said that the plan is to spend 16% of the trust budget on the 2018 oncology drug purchase plan.