Chile creates Advisory Commission to reinforce strategies and policies against cancer
20 junio 2018

One of Sebastián Piñera administration’s priorities is the improvement of  medical care, with emphasis on the fight against oncological diseases. On June 16th, the Executive branch created the Ministerial Advisory Commission on cancer matters. It will be responsible for establishing recommendations on public health policies against cancer and the implementation of treatment strategies.

The Commission will be in charge of analysing  the need for regulatory changes to facilitate the implementation and evaluation of health policies. It will also contribute to positioning the oncology theme in different government areas. It will be composed of different specialists, such as the president of the Chilean Society of Medical Oncology (Scom) or whoever is appointed to represent it, and members of scientific societies, universities and foundations, among others.

The Commission may convene specialists who, due to their experience in the field, are useful for the proper fulfillment of their purposes. The Commission will hold at least one session per month, and when needed,  extraordinary meetings may be held.

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