Mixed committee resumed and agreed increase of penalties in Bribery Bill
15 junio 2018

On Tuesday June, 12th the bill that modifies the Criminal Code in Bribery,  Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (Exp. 10739-07) was debated. The bill is under study by a Mixed Committee that agreed to increase the penalties for crimes of embezzlement of public funds and tax fraud. Although there are still discrepancies to settle, the Executive expects to pass the bill this month. Members of the Committee argue that they will need more time to pass the bill.


The bill has to be analyzed by a mixed committee created especially to settle the differences in the content that appeared between the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. The ultimate goal will be the creation of a single text that satisfies both chambers.


The initiative did not advance since December 2017. However, Sebastián Piñera’s administration considers  the bill among its priorities. Therefore, the Justice Minister, Hernán Larraín, appeared before the committee, and proposed that the maximum penalty for embezzlement of public funds and tax fraud be increased to five years.


After a two-hour debate, the Committee accepted the Minister’s recommendations. In that sense, they approved penalties for the misappropriation of public funds and tax fraud ranging from minimum of 541 days of prison to 15 years.


At the next meeting, not yet convened, the Committee will debate the increase in penalties and fines for the crimes of incompatible negotiation and bribery of foreign public officials. However, from the Committee they are not so optimistic about the time the debate will take to reach a proposal for unity.

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