Countries of the region seek to expel Venezuela from the OAS
8 junio 2018

During the general Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) held in Washington, 19 member countries, led by the United States and Argentina, approved June 5th a resolution declaring the “alteration of the constitutional order” in Venezuela. The document was produced in response to the presidential elections May 20th, which are considered illegitimate by these countries. Thus, the organization is advancing in the expulsion process of the this country from the OAS, which could conclude in the next two weeks. Nicolás Maduro’s administration rejected the initiative.


The resolution, originally proposed by the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Mexico and Peru, condemns the presidential elections May 20th, requires the government to allow the entry of humanitarian aid and to recognize the legal authority of the National Assembly (AN). Afterwards, 19 countries of the region approved the initiative. In order to continue with the process to suspend of Venezuela, 24 countries must agree to constitute an Extraordinary General Assembly.


In contrast, Venezuelan Minister of Foreign Affairs Jorge Arreaza called the initiative “ridiculous”, given that Venezuela requested to leave the OAS in April 2017; a process that takes two years to conclude. President Maduro said “once the exit is formalized, we are going to throw a party, because the OAS has become a colony of US imperialism.”

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