Piñera wants to promote sanitary modernization with a focus on access to medicines
6 junio 2018

On June 1st, President Sebastián Piñera declared that health reforms will be one of his priorities during the first public account in Congress. The focus will be put on the modernization and efficiency of care systems and the passing of the “Drugs II” bill (Exp. 9914-11) to ensure better prices and greater access to medicines. The Health Committee of the Chamber of Deputies will resume the discussion on the bill in the coming days.

Piñera further stated that he intends to carry out “major surgery on the health system, with a view on improving access and quality of services for all Chilean citizens.” The general goal is to modernize the system, implement new technologies, improve waiting times, patient information and costs.

The government plans to create a Citizen Health Website that will allow access to shifts, personal medical records and comparisons of drug prices on-line. They will also promote a “telemedicine plan” to bring patients closer to doctors and improve citizen care.

Finally, Piñera said that the promotion of the “Drugs II” bill parliamentary discussion is a response “to a very urgent and heartfelt demand from citizens” that “will help brind drug prices down and facilitate access to drugs.” On May 29, he set a 15-day deadline for the Chamber of Deputies to convert the bill into law.