Protection of Personal data Bill will now be debated in the Senate
11 mayo 2018

On Tuesday, May 8th, the Chamber of Deputies debated the bill Nº 9384-07, which gives constitutional hierarchy to the protection of personal data. The deputies passed the introduction of amendments unanimously (146 votes in favor), far exceeding the special majority required. Consequently, the bill will now be debated in the Senate, which must approve the amendments.


Given that the Chamber of Deputies introduced an amendment to the constitutional reform bill, the bill must be submitted to the Senate for further study. At this point there are two possible outcomes for the legislative process: if the Senate passes the amendment, the bill will be sent to the Executive for its promulgation. On the other hand, if the Senate rejects it, the bill would be sent to a Mixed Committee of senators and deputies who will have to solve the dispute and then proceed to its promulgation.


Meanwhile, the Senate Finance Committee also met Tuesday May 8th to discuss bill Nº 11,269-05, which modernizes banking legislation. The period for the introduction of modifications to the bill ended on May 3rd. Now the senators must decide whether they accept those changes. Once the committee agrees on the final text, the bill will be sent to the Senate floor for voting.

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