Assembly reactivated Code of Commerce and Protection of Personal Data bills
11 mayo 2018

This week, the National Assembly reactivated two bills that had been paralyzed for more than a year. The first one is the Code of Commerce, which had been paralyzed in the Assembly since May 2017, and needs to be debated one more time to become law. After political negotiations, it was declared a legislative priority and is expected to be passed before August.
The Protection of the Rights to Privacy and Personal Data Bill, was also reactivated after it was sent to the Justice Committee by the Legislative Council of Administration (CAL) after a year without debate.

The Code of Commerce Bill is from 2015, when it was introduced by former Leg. Galo Borja Pérez (Alianza País, ruling party). Its objective is to legislate on a wide spectrum of commercial relationships in different areas of the Ecuadorian life, with emphasis on the definition of consumers’ and merchants’ rights and obligations. It also incorporates new chapters on e-commerce and adapts the legislation to international regulations.

The Protection of the Rights to Privacy and Personal Data Bill was introduced by Leg. Gabriela Rivadeneira (Alianza País) two years ago. It points out a series of rights and obligations in the exposure and handling of personal data, protection and guarantee of the right of people to privacy, either in public or private instances.

The remaining legislative process of both bills is different. The Code of Commerce has to be debated one more time in the floor to become law. This is likely to happen in the immediate future because the Assembly declared it a legislative priority for the May to August term. Regarding the Personal Data Bill, its legislative process has just began.

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