Final report of the Organic Code of Health will be presented in July
9 mayo 2018

The Organic Code of Health (COS) is still under study in the Right to Health Committee of the National Assembly. Legislators foresee that the report of the committee will be ready in two months. Once the report is issued, it is expected that the bill will be quickly passed in the floor of the National Assembly, since it has the support of all parliamentary groups.

 This delay is based on multiple causes, being the security crisis on the border with Colombia and the economic problems that absorb most of the legislative agenda the main causes, which make difficult for legislators members of the Committee to meet. In addition, the mechanism chosen to deal with the bill, while allowing a greater depth of analysis, takes a great deal of time and effort. The chosen process analyzes the text article by article, and every legislator is able to propose any amendment they wish. These must be approved by all the members, and then be compiled into a final text that must be voted once more. It should be noted that the COS has three sections and the first one is currently under discussion.

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