Opposition parties analyze presenting one single candidate for the presidential elections
4 mayo 2018

Amidst the electoral campaign for the presidency of Venezuela, the former governor and opposition candidate with the greatest voting intention, Henri Falcón, announced that, along with the rest of the opposition candidates, they are considering the possibility of presenting a single candidacy for the election May 20th. They seek to prevent Nicolás Maduro from being re-elected and to end the serious economic and social crisis that the country is undergoing.


Recently, Falcon met with businessman Luis Alejandro Ratti (Independent), evangelical pastor Javier Bertucci (Esperanza por el Cambio) and engineer Reinaldo Quijada (Unidad Política Popular 89) to talk about the presentation of a single presidential candidate. The aspirants are willing to “make an alliance at some point”, as Falcon said.


There is still no information on who would be the candidate if the agreement is carried out. However, the candidates for the presidency propose that whoever has the greatest voting intention should be Maduro’s opponent May 20th. Everything seems to indicate that Henri Falcón would be the chosen one.


The former governor states that “we must resolve the crisis, not deepen it. Therefore, it is necessary to pool the effort and conviction of all candidates”. In addition, he regrets that the opposition coalition Mesa de la Unidad Democratica (MUD) maintains its abstention in the elections.

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