Bill that strengthens public finances keeps moving forward
Costa Rica
13 abril 2018

The Special Committee of the National Assembly ruled on the government’s Fiscal Reform Bill. Until next April 24th members of the committee will be able to request modifications and then the Special Committee will have until April 27th to approve or reject the submitted amendments and present the final report to the floor.

The ruling did not amend articles 29 and 30 of the original draft, referring to the withholding mechanisms of the Value Added Tax (VAT) for purchases locally or abroad. Lawmakers are working to resolve the lack of resources the State faces and not how to raise the money.

The intention of the Government is that the bill passes its first debate before May 1st , date on which the new members of congress will assume. However, the last and definitive debate, will take place under the new composition of the National Assembly.

Members of opposition political parties do not support the fast track analysis this bill is having and will ask the Constitutional Room to review it, and thus declare it unconstitutional. Similar situations occurred in 2005 and 2012 with two other bills of the Executive Branch on fiscal issues.

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