Deputies committees agree to amend the Personal Data bill
13 abril 2018

On Tuesday, April 10th the Chamber of Deputies approved bill No. 9384-07, which grants constitutional hierarchy to the protection of personal data. However, the floor modified the bill and returned it to the Constitution Committee of the Chamber of Deputies that began to work on the initiative the following day. The debate will continue next week with a round of guests. Experts on constitutional law and officials of the Council for Transparency have already been convened.


The initiative reforms the Constitution of the Republic regarding protection of people’s private life, adding the right to “the protection of their personal data” and establishing that the manipulation and protection of such information shall be carried out in the manner and conditions determined by law.


In addition, the proposal aligns the domestic legislation to international legislation, complying with one of the commitments that the country has pending since its entry into the OECD.

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