Capital Markets Bill could become law next Wednesday
13 abril 2018

On Wednesday April 11th, members of the Finance, General Legislation and Budget Committees approved the bill to reform the Capital Markets Bill (File No. 0019-PE-2017) that bill seeks to strengthen the (CNV). It could be analyzed by the floor of the Chamber of Deputies and become law on Wednesday, April 18th.


The purpose of the Executive`s Branch bill is to empower the National Securities Commission (CNV) to better regulate the market, facilitate the entry of new financial entities and guide the savings of Argentines towards production. It also stipulates that the Executive Branch must generate a financial inclusion strategy after the bill is passed.


This bill was already approved by the floor of the Chamber of Deputies in November 2017 but as the Senate approved some changes in the draft on March 21st, the bill was sent back.


Even if there is no official confirmation of when the floor of the Chamber of Deputies will debate it, we believe it will be on Wednesday, April 18th.


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