Organization against Cancer opposes COS and will insist on an alternative proposal
11 abril 2018

On March 20th, the Agreement against Cancer Network (RACC) launched a media campaign to force the National Assembly to begin the debate of the Fight against Cancer bill introduced by that network through the popular initiative mechanism, last December. The claim is based on the fact that the Legislative has not yet begun to study it, while advancing with the debate of the new Organic Code of Health bill (COS), which the network rejects. The RACC highlights that the articles on cancer the COS proposes to incorporate are insufficient. The influence of the Network will be conditioned by the efficacy of the media campaign and how convincing they are with key members of the National Assembly.

On behalf of the Agreement against Cancer Network, Wilson Merino (president and spokesman of the organization) considered that the COS bill is insufficient when it comes to defending the rights of cancer patients and their families. He indicated that the chapter on cancer incorporated is insufficient in terms of health benefits and prevention. On the other hand, their initiative raises provisions on unrestricted access to private or public health entities and to drugs for patients suffering from this disease.

That is why they have started a protest campaign through social networks and media. They require the treatment of the Fight against Cancer Bill introduced last December by the mechanism of popular initiative. The Network argues that the National Assembly is contradicting the constitutional obligation to study bills that are introduced as a result of this mechanism. The bill, since its presentation before the Legislative Technical Unit, has not had any movements.

Meanwhile, the COS will continue its course in the coming days.  The Right to Health Committee will present the second report of the text in the upcoming days and that will enable its final debate before the floor. For its part, the Agreement against Cancer Network will continue with its advertising campaign and, according to Merino, with the construction of democratic consensus to force the Assembly to deal with the bill they presented.