Trastuzumab: Chile updates the Financial Protection System for Social Security Systems
11 abril 2018

On Tuesday, April 10th, the Chilean Executive published the new consolidated text of Technical Standard No. 181 in the Official Gazette, which sets the specific technical standards that health providers must meet to be part of the network that grants benefits and are subject to the financial protection system (Law No. 20,850). One of the drugs reached by this technical standard is Trastuzumab (item 11 of the document).

The measure published by the Executive Branch this week is framed in Law No. 20,850 of 2015, which created the Financial Protection System for High Cost Diagnoses and Treatments. Based on legislation No. 20,850, the National Health Fund must ensure the provision of procedures and drugs established by the Ministry of Health to all beneficiaries of the social security systems.

This normative update is aligned with the Ministry of Health’s agenda on health matters, which was presented by Minister Santelices April 6th at the Senate Health Committee. The Executive Branch will promote several bills, most notably the Law of Drugs 2. This initiative, which has already been approved by the Senate, proposes the regulation of bioequivalence, competitiveness, sales, electronic distribution and the use of international nomenclature.

In this regard, the Minister of Health, Emilio Santelices, also announced that another priority will be the bill which reforms the Health Insurance Institutions’ reform (which has already been approved by the Chamber of Deputies), which provides financing services, benefits and health insurance.

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