The Financial Superintendence advances in strategies on Fintech
30 marzo 2018

The head of the Financial Superintendence, Jorge Castaño Gutiérrez, announced that the agency is working on the crowdfunding’s regulation and analyzing the regulatory perimeter of supervision of the Fintech and its rules for the operation.


In the framework of the event Colombia Fintech Annual Meeting, which took place March 21st in Bogota, Castaño mentioned the progress and objectives proposed by the entity regarding Fintech. He highlighted the creation of the Fintech Group in December 2017 which promotes responsible innovation and indicated that the Superintendence is conducting working groups with national and international stakeholders of the Fintech ecosystem.

Since November 2017, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit is working on a decree on crowdfunding that regulates the activity of collaborative financing of productive projects, through electronic platforms administered by entities supervised by the Financial Superintendence of Colombia.

Here you can access the presentation Castaño used at the meeting.


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