Defense of the Competition: Senate resumes the debate in Committee
30 marzo 2018

The Senate´s Rights and Guarantees Committee and the Justice Committee will hold a joint meeting next Wednesday to continue the review of the draft of the Defense of Competition bill (File No. 0049-D-2017). It proposes to create a new enforcement authority with the power to establish sanctions to stimulate competition in the Argentinean market.

The legislators of the committees will receive officials from the Executive Branch and from the private sector. Among the officials, it stands out the president of the National Commission for the Defense of Competition, Esteban Grecco, and the head of the Cabinet of the Secretary of Commerce (Ministry of Production), José García Hamilton.

The Confederation of Medium Enterprise (CAME), the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA) and the Argentine Chamber of Commerce and Services (CAC) will be representing the private sector.

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