Big opposition presence in the Senate committees
23 marzo 2018

On Wednesday, March 21st, Senate formed its new committees. The Legislation, Economy and Labor committees had identical compositions in terms of party affiliation: opposition Partido Demócrata Cristiano (PDC) got the presidency, the ruling party Chile Vamos got two members, as well as the opposition coalition Nueva Mayoría did. In the Treasury Committee the presidency was given to the opposition bloc Nueva Mayoria and membership split between PDC (1 member) and the ruling party (3 members).


The Legislation Committee will be chaired by Francisco Huenchumilla Jaramillo of the PDC. It will have two additional members for the Chile Vamos Coalition and two New Majority members.


Two more committees will share an identical composition at the party level. The Economy Committee will have a PDC president: former Labor Minister Ximena Rincón González, plus two members from each coalition (Chile Vamos and Nueva Mayoría). In turn, the Labor Committee will be chaired by Carolina Goic (PDC) with two pro-government and two opposition members.


Finally, the Finance Committee will have a similar composition but with one exception. It will be chaired by Letelier Morel, member of the Socialist Party, part of Nueva Mayoría. He will be accompanied by one other member of his coalition. The three remaining committee members belong to PDC (one member), Chile Vamos (two members).


It can be assumed that in order to obtain favorable rulings, the Chile Vamos coalition will need the support of the PDC. It should be noted that PDC had its own candidate in the last elections and chose not to support any candidate in the ballotage. The ruling party will have great difficulty to obtain favorable rulings in the Finance Committee, given the opposition chairman’s power to set the agenda.

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