Legislators pass bill on continuity of investment projects
9 marzo 2018

On Thursday March 8th, Congress passed the bill that will replace the Emergency Decree 003-2017 which expires this Tuesday, March 13th. The bill ensures the continuity of investment projects for the rendering of public services in cases of corruption. Now the bill will be sent to the Executive Branch to be published as soon as possible.

Previously, legislators of the Economic Committee approved the bill unanimously while the Justice Committee approved it by majority vote. Opposition congressmen Yonhy Lescano (Popular Action) and Zacarías Lapa (Frente Amplio) were the only ones to speak against it.


Heresi and Lombardi highlighted and thanked the work of the congressmen of the different parliamentary groups as well as their respective teams, which allowed the speedy analysis of the bill, which was introduced at the beginning of February. In this way it was possible to incorporate various recommendations from the opposition groups to improve the scope of the bill submitted by the Executive Branch.


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