The National Assembly advances in the implementation of the Popular Consultation
9 marzo 2018

This week the National Assembly continued working on the initiatives promoted by the Executive Branch that puts into motion the proposals approved in the Popular Consultation, which was held February 4th. On March 6th, the National Assembly held the first debate on the derogation of the Capital Gains Law. Meanwhile, the Consultation 2018 Occasional Commission approved the first report to discuss the amendments to the Council for Citizen Participation and Social Control Law.
Capital Gains Law
The first key point of the popular consultation was the derogation of the Capital Gains Law, which establishes a tax on extraordinary profits in rural and urban properties. On February 28th, the Consultation 2018 Occasional Commission presented a favorable report for the first debate to be held in the floor.
The document was discussed in the floor on March 6th. There, the bill was passed to the Consultation 2018 Occasional Commission, which must prepare a second report. It is expected that the second debate and the vote in the floor will take place on March 16th.
Council of Citizen Participation
On February 28th, the Assembly elected with an absolute majority (69) the seven transitory advisors: Julio César Trujillo, Luis Macas, Luis Hernandez, Pablo Dávila, Xavier Zavala, Eduardo Mendoza and Miryam Felix. During the following days, its authorities were elected: Julio César Trujillo as president and Luis Macas as vice president. The Transitional Council will have as its mission the strengthening of mechanisms of transparency and control, citizen participation, prevention and fight against corruption, and will propose to the competent bodies the necessary reforms. In addition, it will evaluate the performance of the authorities of the previous Participation Council, within a maximum period of six months.
Likewise, the reform to the Council of Citizen Participation and Social Control Law is advancing in the National Assembly. On March 6th, the Consultation 2018 Occasional Commission approved the first report which enables the beginning of the debate in the plenary session of the assembly. It will begin on March 9th. The criteria and mechanisms for the election of the counselors will be at the center of the reform.

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