The candidate of the ruling party blocks the tax reform and Fabricio Alvarado defines his economic staff
9 marzo 2018

The candidate of Restauración Nacional (RN) and winner of the first round held February 4th, Fabricio Alvarado, announced his economic advisers during an event at the Crown Plaza hotel in San Juan. He also made clear that it was not a cabinet announcement in case he wins the presidency.

After the candidate of the ruling party, Carlos Alvarado, acknowledged his intentions to form a multiparty cabinet, Fabricio Alvarado once again took the first step by incorporating Edgar Ayales (former vice presidential candidate with Antonio Álvarez Desanti and Minister of Finance during Laura Chinchilla’s administration) and Gerardo Corrales (economist who also accompanied Desanti), among other people.

Alfredo Volio (former Minister of Agriculture and Economy) and Ruben Pacheco (former Minister of Tourism) are also part of Fabricio Alvarado’s staff. The rest of the members have experience in both the public and private sector

On the other hand, Carlos Alvarado seems resourceless towards the disadvantageous situation he is in. After he declared his party Partido de Acción Popular was willing to collaborate with other parties, Alvarado stated that it was not the appropriate time to talk about his cabinet. In recent days, he blocked the debate of the Strengthening of Public Finances bill, which is key to solving the fiscal crisis Costa Rica has been going through and was supported by the opposition.

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