Barata’s declarations compromise opponents and government officials putting Kuczynski in check
2 marzo 2018

On Wednesday, February 28th, former Odebrecht Peru director Jorge Barata revealed highly compromising information about the donations made by the Brazilian construction company to several political parties for the 2011 presidential campaign. The revelations deepen the government’s legitimacy crisis, which can’t manage to attain stability, and once again lights up the alarms of a possible impeachment of the President of the Republic, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.
The statements were made in the context of an interrogation before Peruvian and Brazilian prosecutors in Sao Paulo. Barata answered questions from the Peruvian prosecutor Jose Domingo Perez in the presence of Perez, the coordinator of the Money Laundering Prosecution, Rafael Vela Barba, and four lawyers of congresswoman and ex-presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori.
Among the contributions detailed by the director for the 2011 elections (which finally won Ollanta Humala) are the following:
US $ 1,200,000 for the Keiko Fujimori campaign of Fuerza Popular;
US $ 300,000 for the Pedro Pablo Kuczynski campaign of the Alianza por el Gran Cambio;
US $ 3,000,000 for the Ollanta Humala campaign of the Partido Nacionalista;
US $ 700,000 for the Alan Toledo campaign in Perú Posible;
US $ 200,000 for the Alan García campaign of the Partido Aprista Peruano.
For his part, Kuczynski denied receiving contributions from Odebrecht. The President faces an extremely complex scenario, which puts his permanence in office in danger again. In the first place, the beginning of the new legislature (which took place on March 1st) implies that congressmen will start debating new motions to dismiss the president, as happened in December.
On the other hand, and after much insistence on behalf of the opposition, Kuczynski announced that he will answer the questions of the Lava Jato parliamentary committee Friday, March 16th. The committee, led by Fujimorist congresswoman Rosa Bartra, handles the investigation with a partisan bias. The interpellation is an opportunity for the opposition to try to direct public attention with a twofold objective: to deepen the president’s popularity crisis, adding support for his impeachment, and to safeguard the compromised Fujimorist party.

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