Agency expects to reduce drug prices by 11 percent.
28 febrero 2018

As part of the discussion of the Drugs Purchase Agreement, the Program of Integral Medical Attention (Programa de Atención Médica -PAMI) and business cameras from the pharma industry are conducting a negotiation on drugs prices. PAMI seeks to reduce by an 11% the drugs expenses. The proposal is to reduce the expenditure from 2700 million pesos to 2400 million in 2018. In contrast, representatives from the private sector recommended a reduction of 2 per cent.

Although positions are quite different there is optimism in government that good results will be obtained.  The industry stakeholders (CILFA, CAEME and Cooperala) is preparing a brief to strengthen their position.

From the Program of Integral Medical Attention (Programa de Atención Médica -PAMI) , the biggest purchaser of drugs in the country, they argue that the argentinian prices are among the most expensive of the world. They indicate that the values are an answer to a cartelization of the pharmaceutical industry. The executive director of PAMI, Sergio Cassinotti, indicated that they are evaluating opening request for bids of oncological drugs.

The pharmaceuticals chambers, in a united position, claim that products in Argentina are more expensive than in the rest of the world due to the high tax rate. They argue that with the discounts that the PAMI applies to its members, prices in Argentina are similar to those in the rest of the world. Regarding cartelization, they claim that the argentinean pharmaceutical industry is one of the most competitive in Latin American.

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