ARG. PAMI (Comprehensive Medical Care Program) plans to cut in medicine expenditure by 30%
14 febrero 2018

The regular insurance program of retirees and pensioners announced it will seek to pay 11% less for medicines, compared to 2017. US$ 120 million per month are expected to be allocated, instead of the US$ 135 million PAMI spent last year.

PAMI authorities expressed their intention to buy remedies 30% cheaper than in 2017. Also, this institution, which is responsible for 40% of the medicines sold in the country, wants to reduce costs in medicines. In order to do this, reference prices in 23 oncological and special treatment products will be set.

According to PAMI,  some drugs are 30% more expensive than in developed countries. For this reason, authorities plan to adopt another strategy, which would imply negotiating with each pharmaceutical chamber individually. The main chambers which the institution works with are Cilfa, constituted by national laboratories, Caeme, by internationals and Cooperala, which are smaller laboratories.

They also analyze carrying out biddings for the purchase of oncological medicines together with the Ministry of Health, Medical Care Institute (Instituto Obra Médica Asistencial – IOMA) and the Superintendence of Health.