Carlos Alvarado proposes multiparty cabinet
Costa Rica
9 febrero 2018

The candidate of the ruling party Partido de Acción Ciudadana, Carlos Alvarado, that came in second on last Sunday’s elections pointed out that should he win the ballotage, he is willing to nominate members of other parliamentary groups as ministers. This announcement was addressed to parties such as Liberación Nacional and Unidad Social Cristiana, so that they support him in the runoff voting on Sunday April 1st.

While there are no set of topics on which to build a consensus, Carlos Alvarado is willing to negotiate with other forces of the political spectrum, although always sticking to the principles of PAC. Regarding rights, the presidential candidate explained that it is possible to reach an agreement and that there have already been informal conversations with different sectors.

Carlos Alvarado’s attempts to include other political forces is not shared by Fabricio Alvarado (Restauración Nacional), nor by the majority of the parties that lost in first round. However, last Sunday’s winner (Carlos Alvarado) has a unique position on equal marriage, which could isolate him and increase the chances of the ruling party to win.

C. Alvarado says he is prepared to face the polarization that arose in the final days of the campaign, with alternative proposals to the present situation. He has already held a staff meeting before the imminent second proselytizing stage. In this sense, the former Minister of Labor said to be excited to be able not only to approach voters to ask for their support, but also to thank them for the results obtained.

You can access to the post-election report, based on the results of Sunday, February 4th, here.


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