The State reform decree advances in the Legislative Branch
9 febrero 2018

The Joint Committee of Legislative Procedure ruled on the Necessity and Urgency Decree (DNU) 27/2018, which promotes changes in the Argentine regulatory framework to implement the simplification of the State. The ruling can now be debated in the floor of both chambers.

The only way this decree can be repealed is if both the Chamber of Deputies and Senate pass a revocation resolution. However, this will not happen before March 1st, unless the Executive Branch calls extraordinary meetings.

In this sense, given the opposition’s criticism of the DNU, the president of the Joint Committee, Luis Naidenoff (Unión Cívica Radical – UCR) anticipated that the Executive Branch will introduce three bills on ‘each of the chapters that are the subject of discussion of this DNU’.
However, Sen. Anabel Fernández Sagasti (Frente Para la Victoria – FPV) complained about how quick the ruling party Cambiemos debated the decree without listening to those affected by it. ‘Perhaps when the bills announced are introduced, the ANSES Sustainability Guarantee Fund is already owned by an offshore company’ she said ironically.

The Joint Committee also had other decrees to discuss in the agenda, but legislators agreed to only address DNU 27/2018. Furthermore, it was defined that the following decrees will be debated in the next days: DNU 979/2017, on modifications to Internal Taxes on electronic goods; DNU 1013/2017, on modifications in the 2017 Budget; Decree 1076/2017, on observations for the Promotion and Development of the Argentine Naval Industry; Decree 1077/2017, on observations in Professional Lawyers’ Fees.


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