Constituent Assembly creates workers’ councils to control companies
2 febrero 2018

On Tuesday January 31st, the National Constituent Assembly (Asamblea Nacional Constituyente – ANC) conformed only by members of the chavist party passed the Law on Productive Workers’ Councils (Consejos Productivos de los Trabajadores – CPT). This regulation allows workers to exercise a controlling role in the production and distribution of essential goods and services in the country, such as food, hygiene supplies and medicines.

One of the objectives of the CPT is to build a socialist economic model in the value chain of goods and services to meet the needs of the people.

The president of the Committee of the Working Class (Comité de la Clase Obrera) of the ANC, Francisco Torrealba, said that ‘the CPT has a leading role in the monitoring and effective control of what happens in factories, and who better than workers to check no unscrupulous entrepreneurs do business”.

The CPT will be ruled by the Ministry of Social Work Process (Ministerio del Proceso Social de Trabajo). These organizations will be constituted by three, five or seven spokespersons. There must be a woman, a person between 18-35 years old and an old militia worker among its members. These requirements can be met by one person.

Additionally, the spokespersons of the CPT must inform the Ministry about the guidelines, plans and projects of the business in which it was set up. Also, the CPT may report any action that is contrary to the Venezuelan socioeconomic system to the authorities.

In the same way, these councils will work collaboratively with state or social institutions such as the Ministry of Defense (Ministerio de Defensa), Youth and Sport (Juventud y Deporte), Women and Gender Equality (Mujer e Igualdad de Género), the Grand Sovereign Supply Mission (Gran Misión de Abastecimiento Soberano) and Local Supply and Production Commissions (Comités Locales de Abastecimiento y Producción), among others.

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